Let’s say goodbye to GA Universal! Now is the time to switch to GA4!

Back in October 2020, Google released its first long-awaited version, entitled Google Analytics 4. At its core, it sees the unification of two types of property (Universal Analytics for website measurement and Google Analytics for mobile app activity).

What is Google Analytics 4?

This new generation of Google Analytics allows website owners to get much more detailed information about users and the behavior of potential customers, through a much more enriched interface. Google has updated, improved, and simplified its analytics software, striving and achieving to provide website owners with the most detailed analysis possible.

Also, Google has paid serious attention to the privacy and protection of users’ personal data. Google stated that Google Analytics 4 and Analytics 4 Properties will no longer capture, store and retain IP addresses of online leads in the cookie policy (, 2022).

What are the advantages of GA4?

With all new updates, there are many new features and benefits included. Google has stated that this new generation of Analytics (i.e. Google Analytics 4) is designed specifically to help businesses scale through in-depth data analysis and reporting.

A key aspect is the new cross-device and cross-platform tracking software that enables better PPC and audience grouping.

The new GA4 update will also use the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to help make deeper predictions about online user behavior.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other new features that Google is introducing with the new GA4 update:

  • Improved customer tracking
  • Create more powerful campaign audiences
  • Improved visualizations and reporting
  • Simplified goal and event setup

GA4 replaces Google Universal Analytics?

The answer is both yes and no. Universal Analytics isn’t going away, so to speak, it’s just going to be integrated into the new Google Analytics 4 property type in July 2023.

What do you need to do? You will need to add the new GA4 code to your website as soon as possible so that your Universal Analytics data can continue to be processed. Doing this gives you the peace of mind that the data you’ve collected so far won’t disappear when you switch to GA4.

Should you upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

Definitely YES!
An update to Google Analytics 4 will be inevitable. Google will no longer support the current GA and Universal Analytics after October 2023.

Losing valuable data in the absence of Google Analytics 4 configuration would be a huge blow to any business, especially these days when every business takes action based on analytics from Google and other social tools.

“When can I upgrade to Google Analytics 4?”. – NOW! By integrating the new GA4 code into your website, you can be up and running with the new features today.

Note: Check for a new article with detailed steps on how can integrate Google Analytics 4 into your website!

If you don’t have a technical team, we can help you with the transition from Google Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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