Shopify and custom design – what are the advantages?

Web design is one of the key things in building and managing a Shopify website. Each customer has their own preferences, but the main requirement is a well-designed, unique, and user-friendly online store.

We all know that a well-designed online store is important because it’s the first thing your customers notice.

Just like any physical store, online stores should look organized, unique, and easy to navigate. Imagine you visit a website and the layout is outdated, the fonts are used incorrectly and the images are of low quality. You will probably get the impression that the site is untrustworthy, prompting you to exit immediately.

What every online business needs are simple and easy navigation, a smooth payment process, a good user experience, and an individual design that is unique to your brand.

If you’re looking to create a new Shopify store or are thinking about a complete redesign, you have two options: choose a ready-made Shopify theme or a custom solution.

What is a ready-made Shopify theme that you can buy?

Shopify ready-made themes is a ready-made template that is sold and used by the mass market. These themes are not as unique as custom designs.

Ready-made Shopify themes are great for online businesses on a budget.

What is Shopify Custom Design?

Unlike ready-made themes, custom designs are created uniquely for your site and brand, keeping in mind your brand identity and business goals. Custom Shopify designs are fully customizable and developed to meet every requirement of your business.

A custom-built website is fully customized, from aesthetic to functional, to suit your brand and its business goals.

The benefits of custom design

  1. Custom designed for your brand

Unlike ready-made Shopify themes, a custom designed online store is a unique experience; it means creating a store that is optimized in the best possible way for your brand.

Built to meet and match your brand design requirement, custom Shopify sites are more flexible than sites built with ready-made themes. The special design means you can add the features you need to your online business without limitations.

  1. Cost-effective

Anything custom-made costs more than a ready-made template used by thousands. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s nothing wrong with building a store using a template, but the cost of a custom site should be seen as an investment and a major business asset.

You are investing in the skills and experience of web designers and developers who will help you build a better e-commerce website. A custom design Shopify store is tailored to fit your brand, and design psychology from the ground up. Its functionality is designed according to the needs of your customers and created for better business opportunities.

  1. Competitive

A website tailored to the needs of your business and the expectations of your target customers gives you an edge over your competitors. With a custom online store, you will be innovative and provide a better overall customer experience.

If you’re using Shopify’s default theme or purchased a theme from the Theme Store, chances are you’ll be sharing the same design with thousands of other stores, making it difficult to stand out or get the edge you need.

  1. One brand – one design

Brand identity and brand recognition are important to any business. It is the visual representation of your business values ​​and the “personality” of the “YOU” brand. Every business owner wants their brand to stand out, and custom design is just that.

Unlike pre-built themes that come with limited customization, a custom theme is built with the features you want and need, it’s a direct reflection of your brand in every way.

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