Website Maintenance

For a monthly subscription, our team of professionals will take care of security, updates, content updates, and additional functionalities

Monlhly maintenance

How can we help you?

The maintenance plans we provide are flexible and fully tailored to our customers.

You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription if you only need one-time support.

Website maintenance

Regularly updating and maintaining your website is crucial to ensure it is working at full capacity.

Just like cars, it requires maintenance to run properly.

Proper maintenance of your website ensures its security, proper operation, and functionality

Platforms we support

We provide technical support for WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify, and Wix, as well as sites that are not built with CMS.

We can also provide an instant monthly website or online store support

Stay on top of web trends

Your website should evolve with the times. Stay up to date with web design trends or new functionality your competition may already be offering.

Regular updates help you better meet user needs.
These changes aren’t always drastic, but they can help your website sell more

Content update

The information and content on your website must be up-to-date. We may need to update an existing product/page, add new ones, or remove them. We are here to assist you daily


Include one-off task

1 task

59€ One time
No hidden fees
  • Content managment
  • Website & Dimain migration
  • Additional Functionality
  • Plugins, CMS and theme updates
  • Custom desgn & Landing pages
  • Technical support
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Technical support

All in current plan

from 99 € Monthly
No hidden fees
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Тask scheduling software
  • Site security
  • Backup 2/day
  • Plugins, CMS and theme updates
  • Custom design & Landing pages
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All in technical support and current plan

from240€ Monthly
No hidden fees
  • Everything from technical support plan
  • Scheduled calls and tasks
  • Additional functionalities
  • Technical audit and optimization
  • Custom design & Landing pages
  • Website hosting
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Questions & Answers

Why do you need support for your website or online store?

To keep everything up to date, for better performance of the site, regular updates to the code and PHP version of the site. In this way, you avoid so-called breakages

How much does it cost to maintain a website and an online store?

Our maintenance costs are based on the time invested per hour, and the price can vary depending on the scope of work.

What is included in site maintenance?

Our site maintenance services include:

  • Content managment

    Technical audit

    SEO audit

    Site migration and domain

    Fixing bugs

    Adding functionality

    Updating plugins and themes

    Custom Design

  • Scheduled Calls and Scheduled Monthly Tasks pages

    Adding up to 5 pages

    Technical Optimization


We are more than your long-term partner

Do you want to discuss your website support?

We are creative team that gets excited about your unique ideas. We will help you with building an brand identity, unique UI/UX design, as well as a secure website and e-commerce store.

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