What is WordPress site technical support and maintenance?

When it comes to routine and technical support, maintaining a website requires considerable effort and knowledge of WordPress technology.

Think of the website as a beautiful park. A park needs daily, quarterly and annual maintenance or it will look unattractive to visitors. Since you, your team and the developers put a lot of effort into building your website, it’s good to have it maintained monthly to keep it running properly and your online business functioning. A WordPress support agency can maintain your website for you.

What is WordPress Site Maintenance?

WordPress site maintenance is provided by an individual or organization that you engage to provide continuous support, protection, backups and fulfilment of the requests/tasks you have of them.

You can hire a WordPress maintenance and development employee or agency to keep your site running smoothly. The technical support team will provide you with assistance with the maintenance of your website, help, and advice when needed. They will ensure that your site is stable,  functional and secure. They will also assist you in the development of new functionalities, CRM integrations, payment system integrations, etc. In short, this is a team that will help you manage your entire website.

Hiring a professional WordPress site development and maintenance agency ensures that your website functions properly and you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Think of the WordPress support team as a partner that handles the technical tasks of your website so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Benefits of WordPress support

Here are some of the benefits that a WordPress support agency can provide you and your company:


Managing a website is a comprehensive and complex task for owners who do not have technical knowledge; consider the cost of hiring someone just to maintain your website. A WordPress expert (team or agency) can be a more cost-effective solution, especially if your company is on a tight budget. You pay a minimal monthly fee and get an updated and updated website.

Time-efficient maintenance

WordPress site maintenance agencies offer a specialized service to manage and maintain your site, which includes everything from content, CSS styles, themes, plugins, broken links, design upgrades, WP core updates, plugin and theme updates, security, page layouts, etc.

Additionally, WordPress experts have the knowledge needed to keep your site safe and running properly. You won’t have to search for manuals or other materials on how to solve technical problems, make code corrections, etc. This gives you more flexibility in managing your time and focusing on other aspects of your business.

Ensures website security

Since WordPress is among the most famous CMS platforms, it is under the crosshairs of hackers. With a technical support subscription plan, a dedicated team will monitor your website on a regular schedule, making the detection of vulnerabilities, outdated code, and broken pages faster and more efficient. In addition, by having daily backups of your website, the team will be able to eliminate malware and repair your site without losing valuable data. They will also identify errors, run security scans, block spam, and more.

A WordPress support specialist will also ensure that your site is updated regularly, protected from attacks and that the theme and plugins are functioning properly.

Priority assistance

You can also count on your WordPress support professionals to help you resolve issues quickly and simply. You’ll know who to contact instead of searching for a service provider to help you when your website is having problems.

Search engine optimization

SEO is an essential element of website building for generating leads and engaging with users.

WordPress support will ensure that your website loads quickly and is search engine optimized to rank your business at the top of your potential customers’ search results.

Website Analytics

With WordPress support, you’ll have a partner that can generate reports that provide information about your site’s traffic and online commerce.

They can audit and research analytics to help you improve and update your company website, ensuring it remains relevant and visible in search engines. You won’t have to do any site research as a WordPress specialist will do it for you.

Develops partnerships

You will develop a long-term partnership with an expert who is familiar with your company and knows how to manage your website. They will be able to maintain your website in line with your business goals.

The longer you work together, the more the WP support team will understand how your business works and the details of your organization.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

Here it is worth noting that there are several options for maintaining your site – technical, which provides security and updates to the system, theme and plugins, the PHP version of your website, taking backups, etc., technically oriented tasks.
Design, creation of landing pages, additional functionality, and adding content and products are not included in the technical support. Most agencies work with fixed monthly support, which gives you endless options, but the subscription is paid regardless of whether you use their services. Another option is to pay only for what you claim per hour.

If you’re asking which solution is more cost-effective, we don’t have the right answer for you. It all depends on the amount of work that is done on your site every month. If you have an online store, fixed monthly maintenance that will not exceed your budget is more cost-effective.
If you have an information store and do not need to update information and new functionalities every month, it is good to stop at the hourly payment option.


In addition to routine maintenance and technical assistance, there are a set of tasks for monitoring your website that should be performed frequently.

Having a WordPress support team gives you several benefits at a reasonable cost. We hope you found this blog post helpful and answered your questions. We are available if you need assistance with maintaining your website.

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